CLASS OF 2025: Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates

The Class of ‘25 admissions cycle has been like no other. Test scores or not? In-person or remote? Virtual college visits or drive-by road trips? The fall is flying by and you’ll be a second semester senior before you know it. The odds are better in the early round so you hurried up, you did the hard work, and you got it done: You wrote the essays, filled out the Common App, got the recommendations, and submitted your early applications. And now the toughest part of all: The wait!

Hopefully, we can make it a little easier and more relaxing with this up-to-date list of early notification dates.

Is a school that you are interested in not listed or the decision date not updated? Please let us know by clicking here to email us with the school name and we will update it in our chart lickety split. Please check back here for the latest info on your schools’ early notification dates.

Good luck Seniors!

For support in your college admissions process, contact us!

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