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Class of 2025: College Admissions Acceptance Rates

For the Class of 2025, senior spring has finally sprung and the college admissions decision season is coming to a close. It has been filled with anticipation, excitement, disappointment, relief, and hopefully a lot of joy. After tomorrow, Ivy Day, the large majority of US colleges will have announced their decisions to welcome their incoming freshman classes, the Class of 2025.

Check out our up-to-date list of colleges and their acceptance rates for the Class of 2025 along with acceptance rates from last year.

At this stage, many colleges have not reported these numbers yet, but will be sharing them in the coming days. Bookmark this page and check back often as we will be updating this list frequently as colleges announce their acceptance rates for this year.

During this unusual year, challenges have dominated every part of the college admissions process: Uncertainty in light of the global pandemic; school and testing disruptions; new test-optional admissions policies; closed college campuses; and stress from family illness and financial hardship. In addition, there has been an increase in application numbers, with more students applying to even more colleges than any year in history. At the most selective colleges in the US, all of this has led to the most competitive year we have seen yet, while other schools are feeling the pressure to admit more students in order to meet their enrollment objectives.

At the already competitive schools, this year, we are seeing record low acceptance rates. MIT and Barnard for example, have already announced their admissions rates of 4% and 10% respectively this year down from 7% and 13% respectively last year. Many of the most selective schools received a record number of applications because more students submitted applications to more schools. This can be explained by the fact that without being able to visit colleges in person, students had a difficult time choosing their favorite schools and that with schools adopting test-optional policies, schools that felt out of reach before now seemed like a possibility for more students. The most competitive colleges saw major spikes in application numbers for the Class of 2025,, with increases of 42% at Harvard, 35% at Tufts and an amazing 103% at Colgate, just to name a few. With this phenomenon of more students applying to more schools, the Common Application saw an 11% increase in submitted applications, but only a 2% increase in the actual number of unique applicants.

No matter what the numbers are, there is a terrific school for everyone and you are going to college! In a year, that will forever be one for the books, you have worked hard and it has paid off. Way to go!

Congratulations Seniors and enjoy!

For support in any part of your college admissions process, contact us!

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