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CLASS OF 2028: What You Need to Know, Important Dates, and Admission Rates


Some colleges have two rounds of Early Decision. Just like the first round of Early Decision, Early Decision 2 (ED 2) refers to completing and submitting a college application that is binding. If you are accepted by the college, you are committed to attending, The deadlines to submit ED 2 applications are typically early-mid January, around the same time as Regular Decision. Applying Early Decision, whichever round your are in, is known to boost your chance of admission as compared to the regular decision round. For students who were not ready to apply until later or who were rejected or deferred from their ED 1 school, it offers a second chance.

Applying ED 2 to your dream school can be a strategic advantage in the admissions process, and an exciting way to zero in on a school, but it is a serious commitment that requires careful consideration.


Higher Acceptance Rates

It is well documented that students applying in either of the Early Decision rounds have a significantly higher chance of being admitted than in the Regular Decision round. The difference in admissions rates can be dramatic: At Northwestern University, for example, for the Class of 2027, 20% were accepted during the two early decision rounds versus a minute 7% in the regular decision round. Similarly, at Bates College, 48% of ED applicants were invited to attend while only 14% of RD applicants received letters of admission.

More Time to Get Your Ducks in a Row

Some students may need more time to complete their applications, write their essays, or get their recommendations. They may want to spend the fall of senior year focused on getting their grades and test scores where they want them to be. The later deadline gives students more time to strut their stuff and make their application as strong as possible.

Earlier Notification Date

Most ED 2 notifications come out in early-mid February, often more than a month earlier than RD decisions. Getting a decision early may offer some students the peace of mind they are craving as they begin the spring of senior year.


Check out our up-to-date list of ED 2 schools, with their admissions rates, deadlines, and notification dates.

Is a school that you are interested in not listed or the decision date not updated? Please let us know by clicking here to email us with the school name and we will update it in our chart lickety split. We update our chart frequently. Please check back here for the latest info on your school’s ED 2 notification date.

Good luck Seniors!

For support in your ED2 or RD application, or any part of your college admissions process, contact us!

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